Josh Spiegel is one of the most unique radio personalities in America. Since 2005, he has been heard on 98 Rock in Baltimore as Co-Host of the morning show and Anchor of “Josh Spiegel News and Comment”. Some of Spiegel’s most popular features include The Super Spiegel Signoff, Spiegel’s Time Machine and The Lightning Round. He also hosts “Spiegel’s Weekly News Countdown” and delivers a weekly commentary, “Just Sayin’”, on WBAL-AM, the sister station of 98 Rock. Spiegel’s commentaries have won Edward R. Murrow and AP Awards.

Spiegel was on the cover of The Baltimore City Paper and named “Best Radio Personality” in Baltimore.The Baltimore Jewish Times also wrote a cover story about him: “Spiegel always seems to find the quirky news item that no one has ever heard of before. Or better yet, he takes a different approach to major news stories. The thing about Spiegel is that even with some of the more difficult news pieces, he gives a feeling as if there’s a perspective of humor that will make us all land on our feet. Even if we’re not interested in a particular news event, Spiegel gets us interested with quirky instead of coaxing or faux concern. He comes across the air as socially awkward. But it’s smart socially awkward.”

Spiegel has been in radio since he was 12. He has been on stations around the country and worked in a variety of formats including urban, FM talk, AM talk, country, top 40 and rock. He has also been heard on National Public Radio and The BBC.

In addition to radio, Spiegel has written news for television stations in Baltimore and Washington.

He lives with his dog, Pumpernickel and enjoys reading, TV, movies and spending time outdoors—for short periods of time.